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Wellbeing Tip - The Gratitude Jar

If you know me, you know how I speak about the importance of gratitude. There is more and more research about how it can boost our mood, our immune system and decrease stress. It’s also widely recommended that we teach our children to use gratitude daily to support their mental health. Gratitude, simply put is just being grateful.

This tip is called The Gratitude Jar. It’s a great thing to do with the children whilst they are off school. Each day you (or you and your child) write down something you are grateful for, and place it in the gratitude jar. At the end of the week, open the jar and look back on all the things you were grateful for this week. It’s a lovely way to make gratitude fun for adults and children and a beautiful bonding activity!

It’s not the happy people who are grateful, it’s the grateful people who are happy.

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